Will Apple’s iTunes 11 launch alongside iOS6?

News Richard Goodwin 11:45, 11 Apr 2012

Details regarding Apple’s iTunes 11 software emerge online — is this the update we’ve been waiting for?

Apple’s iTunes 11 is on the way, according to reports. But is this the update we’ve all been waiting for? And more importantly, when will it arrive – this year? 2013? Alongside iOS 6 and the iPhone 5?

News of the iTunes 11 update comes via 9to5Mac, which reports that ‘Apple has recently begun internally seeding the next major release of the iTunes application for computers, iTunes 11.’

Work on iTunes 11 is said to have begun well before the release of iTunes 10.6, according to sources, and is mainly focussed on ‘under-the-hood improvements.’

But this doesn’t mean that we won’t see any cosmetic changes. ‘Apple develops different portions of products in separate groups or at separate times,’ says 9to5Mac ‘so the final product will likely include some new user-interface elements and more visible features.’

What’s not clear at present is whether iTunes 11 will be the fully revamped – looks-an-all – iOS6-compatible piece of software, or merely a minor update – sans cosmetic changes – that just adds iOS6-compatibility.

According to some reports the latter scenario is more likely, with a revamped version of iTunes 11 coming later. Apple acquired a company called Chomp towards the beginning of 2012. Chomp is all about improving content discovery and is said to be playing a pivotal role developing some big changes in iTunes.

We’re really hoping that Apple does do something pretty drastic with the way iTunes looks. Compared to Microsoft’s grossly underrated Zune media player, iTunes looks terrible. It also lacks a lot of the Zune software’s features as well.

Hopefully iTunes 11 will an update that finally brings Apple’s software in line with its exceptional hardware.

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