Apple offers nano-SIM technology free to rivals

News 17:12, 26 Mar 2012

Apple wants to standardise its nano-SIM patent and it's prepared to give it out free of charge

Apple is getting serious about its nano-SIM bid by offering to make the patented technology freely available to other manufacturers, should it become the new standard.

Analyst Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents posted the news on his blog and cited a ‘reliable source' who claimed Apple has sent a letter to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) outlining the move.

However, Apple is asking for something in return, according to Mueller. He reports that the company will only offer the patents for free if firms wishing to use them adopt it as an industry standard and offer the ‘same terms in accordance with the principle of reciprocity'.

Previously, Motorola, RIM and Nokia have all made their own bids at standardising nano-SIM technology and have put forward opposition to Apple's plan.

According to reports from the Financial Times, Apple's design requires a SIM tray, which its rivals claim is a limiting factor in design. They also allege Apple's nano-SIM design could become jammed in a micro SD slot if inserted by mistake. They say these issues are not present in their own competing designs.

Apple's rivals are also concerned that, should Apple succeed, it will have too much power and control over its competitors.

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