Apple's A5X CPU beats Tegra 3 graphics processing

News Clare Hopping 13:14, 19 Mar 2012

New benchmarks have confirmed Apple's A5X CPU does indeed offer four times the graphical processing power of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 platform

An independent benchmark has found although Apple's A5X CPU beats NVIDIA's Tegra 3 in some areas, the two are running a two-horse race.

Laptop Mag compared the new iPad to the Asus Transformer Prime in benchmarking and discovered that the A5X CPU doesn't necessarily beat the Tegra 3 in all aspects.

Sure, the magazine found the A5X chip is four times faster when we're talking graphical processing power using OpenGL 3D and when frame rendering comes into play.

The iPad 3 rendered about two times the frames per second with more than four times as many texture pixels, according to Phandroid.

However, the Tegra 3 performed much better when it came down to integer, floating point and memory performance.

The two devices were tested using Riptide GP and Shadowgun too, and although the new iPad's Retina display added a few points to the score, the Tegra 3 version of the game added a number of new effects including splashing water and flags that showed off the hardware beautifully.

There will always be a fight between two competitors, but it really all comes down to how you're going to use the tablet. If you're going to be playing some specifically-developed-for-Tegra graphics-intensive game, then it's probably best to go for the gaming optimised Tegra 3, but for graphical processing and rendering, maybe outside of gaming, the iPad is your best bet.

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