Apple acquires Chomp to enhance iTunes/App Store

News 11:34, 24 Feb 2012

Apple has reportedly acquired app discovery platform Chomp to help revamp the App Store

Apple has acquired Chomp – an application discovery platform.

We reported on rumours that Apple could be re-designing its App Store and iTunes content distribution. It's now looking increasingly likely as news has emerged of the Cupertino-based giant's acquisition of app discovery platform Chomp.

Techcrunch revealed its discovery of the buy-out, which allegedly is a complete absorption of the company, its technology and its staff, according to the report.

Chomp currently powers US carrier Verizon's own app store but it seems Apple has poached the company from under Verizon's nose. 

9to5Mac claims that anonymous sources have said Chomp CEO Ben Keighran and CTO Cathy Edwards have already made the move to Apple as iTunes marketers and engineers respectively.

It's not clear how much money Apple dropped onto the acquisition but certainly it has the cash to throw around.

And it's money well spent in our view. Compared to the competition Apple's App Store has become increasingly obtuse and awkward as it has grown in recent years, it may be able to boast the largest collection of apps but finding any of them is a royal pain.

A slicker interface and more dynamic search and discovery capabilities is just what the doctor ordered, and Chomp seems to be the right choice for the job.

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