How much money does Apple have?

News Richard Goodwin 16:58, 1 Feb 2012

Here’s an infographic detailing exactly how much money Apple has and what it could, theoretically speaking, do with it if it chose to

How much money does Apple have? The short answer to that question is: a lot. According to Q4 financials, Apple posted the highest quarterly earnings of any technology company ever. That’s more than HP, Google or Microsoft has ever managed.

So Apple is a pretty big deal. We all know that. But how much raw cash does it have floating around inside its bank account? According to official figures, Apple has over $400 billion in the bank. If you laid down $400 billion flat - presumably in dollar bills - it would cover 42 per cent of the US’s landmass.

With the release of the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 fast approaching, Apple’s revenues are only going to go one way - and that’s up. And that’s before you consider the launch on new PC devices and the first-ever Apple TV set.

Below is a visual breakdown of how much money Apple has and what it could do with it should the mood take its fancy:

Created by: MBA Online 

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