Amazon Kindle ain’t got nothing on the iPad, says Apple CEO

News Richard Goodwin 17:28, 25 Jan 2012

Apple isn’t worried about Amazon’s Android-powered Kindle Fire, according to CEO Tim Cook

Apple, according to CEO Tim Cook, is not worried about Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet despite the online retail giant shipping four million units in Q4 of 2011.

Amazon was clever with the positioning of its Kindle Fire, making it significantly cheaper than the iPad 2 at $199. The company also gave Google’s Android operating system a complete makeover, rendering it completely unrecognisable.

Based on the low cost and the clever amendments Amazon has made to the Kindle Fire, many analysts expected the device to cause Apple some grief during the Christmas period. And with 4 million units shifted during Q4 you’d think that was the case - but it wasn’t.

Apple, you see, posted the most profitable quarter ever reported by a technology company in its first-quarter earnings report, according to BGR. Such was the achievement that Apple CEO Tim Cook took the opportunity to rub some proverbial salt in Amazon’s wounds.

According to reports, ‘Cook said that he looked very carefully at Apple’s iPad numbers and he is convinced that Amazon’s tablet didn’t affect iPad sales. Apple’s chief executive noted that he even scrutinized the company’s iPad numbers in the U.S. each week following the Kindle Fire’s launch and saw nothing.’

Having said all that, though, the Kindle Fire and iPad 2, whilst both being tablets, are two very different propositions. One, the iPad, is a premium product designed for use as a media consuming device and a work tool. The other, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, is more geared towards using and abusing Amazon’s online services, with emphasis on the cloud.

Still we can’t say we’re surprised by the number of Kindle Fire tablets shifted in the US - at that price it was inevitable.

There is still no official word on when the Kindle Fire will land in the UK.

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