802.11ac “5G” Gigabit Wi-Fi potentially coming to Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3

News Richard Goodwin 08:38, 24 Jan 2012

Apple is reportedly looking to implement 802.11ac 5G Gigabit Wi-Fi into its products during 2012

Apple, according to reports, is looking to implement 802.11ac 5G Gigabit Wi-Fi inside its product during 2012.

‘Apple is expected to rapidly deploy support for the new 802.11ac specification this year,’ reports Apple Insider, ‘adding so called "Gigabit WiFi" to new AirPort base stations, Time Capsule, Apple TV, notebooks and potentially its mobile devices.’

It’s the latter part of that sentence – ‘potentially mobile devices’ – that interests us, however, as it alludes to the possibility of Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 featuring this new type of 5G Wi-Fi.

The new 802.11ac standard is said to be considerably faster – around two to four times, to be specific – than the current standard (802.11n) used on mobile devices and laptops.

This improvement in speed is achieved by using more bandwidth (80 to 160MHz), more efficient data transfers, better modulation and more antennas in devices. At present four antennas is normal. Under the new system, eight will be the new order of the day.

Many manufacturers – including Apple favourite, Broadcom – have already launched chipsets that support the new standard.

Many of which were launched and demoed at CES 2012 despite the fact that the 802.11ac has not yet been officially finalised as a standard.

According to reports, developments with 802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi are occurring at a much faster rate than previous standards. 

The 802.11ac standard, according to Apple Insider, ‘promises better networking range, improved reliability, and more power efficient chips, thanks to parallel advances in reducing chip size and enhancing power management.’

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