Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

Vs Tony Crammond 14:47, 17 Jan 2012

We take a look at the rumours surrounding two of the most hotly anticipated devices of 2012, Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S 3

Samsung's Galaxy S range of devices have come to symbolise the strength in competition faced by Apple's iPhone. They are highly powerful devices and offer the modern user everything they could want from a top-level smartphone.

The latest of these devices, the upcoming Galaxy S 3, looks set to raise the bar higher than it ever has been in an effort to topple Apple from its throne.

Apple isn't going to take that sort of challenge lying down though, and the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 looks like being everything the world expected from the 4S but didn't get.

So will it be Samsung's Galaxy S 3 that rules the roost this year, or will Apple's iPhone 5 retain its position as the world's favourite premium smartphone? Well, in an effort to find out we've set about sifting through the wealth of rumours and leaks on the Web to bring you everything you need to know.

Rumour has it that Apple's iPhone 5 will boast the company's next generation of architecture, with the device reportedly being outfitted with the quad-core A6 processor, which will likely be clocked around the 1GHz mark.

On top of the cutting edge CPU you can expect to find the device rocking 1GB RAM and it's not too far a leap to predict that it will come in 16, 32 and even 64GB flavours.

Samsung's Galaxy S 3 is rumoured to run on a quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU, clocked at a whopping 1.5GHz and a market leading 2GB RAM.

The device will also support Micro SD cards up to 32GB in capacity and will offer the user 16 or 32GB of on-board memory.

Winner - Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung's Galaxy S series have all been lightweight, plastic fantastic devices  with the last version, the Galaxy S 2, being so thin you could probably have a go at shaving with it.

We expect the next generation Galaxy S 3 to follow Samsung's template quite closely with a super-thin device crafted from advanced plastics, great for those of us that favour a device that we can slip into our pocket and forget is there!

Apple's iPhone 5 is rumoured to feature a completely different form factor to previous iPhone's.

Expect a newly designed, thinner chassis crafted from glass and metal and some parties are even muttering the possibility that Apple may choose to equip the device with a curved display!

The potential from both devices is clear to see and there will be plenty on offer to please even the most pernickety smartphone aficionado.

Which one is best will be a question that falls largely to taste though.

Winner - Draw

Samsung's Galaxy S 3 is rumoured to feature a huge 4.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus 720P display which offers support for 3D visuals and is faced with Corning's next-gen Gorilla Glass 2.

If early reports are correct then users can expect to find a pixel density of over 330ppi on offer in the Galaxy S 3 too, which is great news for Android fans.

Apple's iPhone 5 look set to be the biggest screened iPhone to-date, with a rumoured 4-inch display offering up a pixel density in excess of 350ppi.

Other rumours point to the display using advanced tech to bring its power demands down by up to 25 per cent, which will doubtless be music to the ears of most current iPhone devotees!

Winner - Apple iPhone 5

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