Apple doesn’t own ‘iPad’ copyright in China

News Richard Goodwin 08:52, 8 Dec 2011

A Chinese court has ruled that Apple does not own the copyright to the term ‘iPad’ in China

Apple could be forced to pay $1.3 billion in damages to a Chinese company, known as Proview, after a Chinese court ruled that it owns the trademark for the term ‘iPad’ in China.

According to reports, the Intermediate People's Court in Shenzhen ruled in favour of Proview after the company proved that it registered the ‘iPad’ trademark way back in the early-2000s – almost half a decade before Apple released its iPad.

Citing court documents, the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper reported that Proview owns the iPad trademark for products in a number of countries including China.

‘The right to use the iPad name in China is crucial for Apple,’ reports Reuters,’ where the company is in the process of opening more stores.’

But if it can’t legally use the name iPad whilst trading in the East then Apple could very well be in a spot of bother.

Reuters claims that Apple acknowledged the ruling but declined to comment further on the issue.

Apple has long had designs on China. It’s a country that is no doubt pivotal in the company’s growth plans for the coming years.

One Apple executive is on record as saying that the company has ‘just scratched the surface in China in terms of sales,’ according to Reuters.

Apple is reportedly in hot water after the court ruling, however, and could be presented with a £1.3 billion damages bill from Proview in the coming weeks.

Details pertaining to the case, what Apple intends to do and its future plans for the Chinese markets are pretty scant at present. We’ll report back when we know more.


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