Apple iPad 3 to be cheaper version of iPad 2

News Clare Hopping 10:28, 27 Jul 2011

The iPad 3 could be a cheaper version of the iPad 2 and may still launch this year

The Apple iPad 3 could be launching this year as a cheaper version of the iPad 2.

Digitimes has once again mentioned Apple's forthcoming tablet, citing Taiwan-based component manufacturers including Novatek Microelectronics, Richtek Technology, Capella Microsystems and Integrated Memory Logic as their sources.

The Taiwanese manufacturers have been awarded contracts to build many of the components for the iPad 3.

Integrated Memory Logic will be producing the 'integrated programmable gamma/Vcom buffer solutions' for use in the iPad 3's capacitive display.

Novatek will supply the LCD driver integrated circuits (ICs), Capella the ambient light sensors and Richtek will produce integrated power ICs.

According to these sources, Apple is using these companies to cut the cost of its tablets and make price points more in line with competitors, such as Samsung, HTC and HP.

As the manufacturers are producing these parts, it is thought the iPad 3 is more likely to launch this year, rather than next. In fact, the iPad 3, or iPad HD could launch alongside the iPhone 5 in September.

The iPad 3 is said to feature a Retina Display, according to LG's CEO, and some suggest these will be higher resolution than those seen on the iPhone 4.

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