Motorola Atrix vs Apple iPhone

Vs 15:46, 12 Jan 2011

We compare the Motorola Atrix with the Apple iPhone to see which takes the touchscreen crown

The Motorola Atrix is the new kid on the block in the smartphone scene and one of the best from CES 2011.

We pit the touchscreen master against the iPhone to see whether Apple should be quaking in its boots or will just shrug off the competition.

We take a look at the specs side by side.

The Apple iPhone certainly had the most impressive screen when it was first released last year, with Apple's Retina display, featuring a staggering 640x960 pixel display. The iPhone's display is physically 3.5-inches, which is a good size for device pocket ability and browsing web pages/viewing videos.

The Motorola Atrix has burst onto the scene with a larger 4-inch screen, displaying a resolution of 540x960 pixels.

Although the iPhone may have the pixels, it doesn't really matter because you can't see any pixels on either. We would even go as far to say they're as smooth as a baby's bottom.

What gets the win here is the physical size - that extra half an inch seriously does make the difference here.

Winner: Motorola Atrix

Introducing the 1GHz A4 processor on the iPhone really did make the difference in comparison to previous Apple iDevices, making things speed along nicely.

In fact, the comparison between the 3GS and iPhone 4 was quite surprising when it came to running speed.

However, Motorola has lifted the bar here, introducing a dual core 1GHz processor on the Motorola Atrix. With two cores, it's super fast for multitasking and running apps.

Winner: Motorola Atrix

Both the Apple iPhone and Motorola Atrix feature a front facing camera and a rear facing 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash.

However, the Apple iPhone's camera can only be used for Facetime video calling - no calling to any other video calling mobile.

HDR is a nice touch, but maybe we want to phone a friend using a non-Apple device to chat now and again.

Winner: Motorola Atrix


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