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Reviews Damien McFerran 16:46, 29 Jan 2010

We review Aloqa for Android - a navigation app that points you in the right direction for recommended PoIs

With so many mobile phones boasting GPS functionality these days there’s been a real explosion of location-based applications, many of which use this technology to pinpoint your position in the world and then present you with a directory of nearby businesses and other places of interest.

Aloqa is yet another one of those programs but the difference here is that everything is handled with a lot more thought and the design of the app itself makes it a real joy to use.

When you load Aloqa you’ll be presented with an icon-based menu which shows the various default options available for your region. These include local restaurants, cinemas, art galleries and even weather reports for your area.

All of this information is provided by external sources – such as Qype, Wikipedia and WoZZon – but the fact that such a massive amount of data is crammed into such an intuitive interface makes Aloqa a tantalising prospect.

For example, booking a table at your local eatery is incredibly straightforward with this app; you browse for the restaurant using Aloqa’s designated tab and once you’ve found it you can choose to make a call (assuming the establishment in question has a telephone number in Qype’s database) or bring up the location on a map.

However, the default range of channels is just the beginning. It’s possible to subscribe to more, including local cash points, petrol stations, live music events or WiFi hotspots.

Naturally all of this connectivity comes at a price – like other location-based apps Aloqa is a considerable drain on your phone’s long-suffering battery. Thankfully the developers have taken this into account and it’s possible to adjust Aloqa’s power consumption via a handy sliding-scale options screen, where the update frequency of the various channels can be configured.

Even if you’ve already got a location-based search tool installed on your Android phone we’d recommend you take a chance on Aloqa. It’s by far the most streamlined app of its kind we’ve yet witnessed and has been designed to make finding what you want as quick and painless as possible – and when you’re stuck on a street corner in the pouring rain with a rumbling stomach and the desperate urge to eat a hearty meal, that can prove to be invaluable.

Aloqa info

Ease of use:

Platform: Google Android

Cost: 59p

Version: 1.0

Developer: Aloqa

Website/Demo: Aloqa website

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