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Reviews Damien McFerran 17:48, 3 Jun 2009

We review Astrid, an advanced task manager for Android

If you’re anything as forgetful as we are then you’ll constantly be missing important events thanks to the fact that your brain is about as retentive as a sieve with particularly large holes. Such absent-mindedness has the potential to land you in pretty hot water – especially if you happen to miss a loved one’s birthday or a make-or-break business meeting.

Thankfully, Astrid is digital salvation for us hopeless scatterbrains. On the surface it appears to be a rudimentary task manager but after spending a few moments in its company it soon becomes clear that Astrid is in fact a powerful tool that makes keeping track of your day-to-day life that little bit easier.

On the most basic level, Astrid allows you to input various tasks which can be assigned specific deadlines, be it an actual date or a particular time of day. You can even set up an audio notification which chimes when one of your assignments is nearly due. If time-keeping is your concern then you can choose to start a timer on one of your tasks which will then quantify how long you’ve spent on it.

The level of customisation for each event is particularly impressive; not only can you set ‘absolute’ and ‘goal’ deadlines, you can even choose to hide the task completely until a certain date, when it will then ‘go live’ and appear on your task list. It’s also possible to integrate Astrid with your Google Calendar, so events appear there as well.

Elsewhere, you can group your tasks together using the handy ‘tag’ system, so business events and more personal matters can be kept separate. It’s also possible to tell Astrid to be quiet during certain hours of the day, so recurrent daily tasks that you’ve set won’t buzz you at inopportune times.

Speaking of buzzing, it’s also possible to set your own notification sound. Again, the developer has integrated Astrid with the phone itself as it essentially uses the same ringtone selector that the handset’s operating system uses. Naturally there’s scope for mischief here as you can pick some pretty amusing sounds as reminders.

It’s probably not right of us to get so excited about what is essentially a task manager, but Astrid is so wonderfully intuitive and well designed that it’s worth making a song and dance about. It’s also completely free, and considering that your bacon might be well and truly saved when your partner’s birthday comes around or your next big meeting is due, it surely represents an essential download.

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