Best Android Live Wallpapers

Bests Paul Briden 17:11, 15 Mar 2013

We pick our favourite Android Live Wallpapers for Full HD displays on the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One

Just picked up a new Android phone? Good work. Android handsets are now more powerful than ever, so most are quite capable of running fancy Live Wallapapers without breaking a sweat. Here are some of our favourites you can use to peronsalise your latest handset.


Ever wanted to know everything that’s going on with your phone at once, simply with a glance? That’s what DeviceInfoEx offers. Set it as your Live Wallpaper and you’ll be greeted with a wall of information showing you everything from CPU and RAM usage to your device’s model number and battery life. There’s even a gyro, accelerometer and orientation indicator to show how you’re holding you phone.

The wallapaper is customisable – you can set a background colour or text colour, text glow and overall brightness settings.

This is certainly an interesting one, particularly if you’re well into the techy side of your mobile handsets. However, the one thing we will say is you’re likely to consistently see the RAM indicator on a high percentage due to the workload of keeping this background running.


FooCat is a fun little wallpaper which gives you your very own resident cartoon cat on the homescreen. You can move your furry feline friend around and occasionally little pop-ups will occur allowing you to interact with it. If you don’t want to wait, a double tap on FooCat will open up an interaction menu with a set of actions to choose from, including a mouse, food, or even a pencil to let the cat write you little messages.

You can customise the screen somewhat with a range of settings for things like background images.

Mystic Halo

Mystic Halo looks pretty stunning, featuring a luminous blue circular vortex with several layers of rings spinning in different directions at different speeds. It easily tricks the eye into producing a 3D tunnel-like effect and has a few echoes of Tron, if you like that sort of thing. The paid version is more extensively customisable, allowing you to change the colour, add effects and enable reactions to touch input, amongst other features. This wallpaper also actively supports HD displays.


We chose Ocean because it’s one of the more soothing live wallpapers around. If you’re having a stressful day glancing at the waves lapping against a sandy beach can be quite therapeutic.

This isn’t the only one of its kind, but we chose Ocean in particular as the video footage used is quite sharp and colourful compared to the rest, while the sunset lighting looks nice too.

Paperland Pro

Paperland Pro introduces Paperland to your homescreen, a little world made out of paper cut-out shapes where cars and boats pass by. You can change a whole heap of settings to keep things seasonal or in-line with certain festive holidays (more options in the paid version, as usual), but the really nice thing is that time passes on-screen and the background will change according. If it’s night-time outside your window, it’ll be night-time in Paperland. Rain, rainbows, snow and sunshine are all settings you can toggle on and the weather will change randomly, however, there’s also an opt-in beta which allows the app to use your local weather instead.

Silhouette/ Silhouette Free

Shilouette Free is like a cross between Ocean and Paperland. You have a silhouetted foreground image, such as a city skyline or a tree on a hill, then behind this is a background image. With the free version you’ve only got swaying trees against a sunset with billowing clouds, but the paid version unlocks a wide variety of background and foreground options. Further to this, you can have the background colours change based on the time of day and there are other visual settings to play with too.

Super Clock Wallpaper

Why bother using up valuable screen real-estate with a clock widget when your whole wallpaper can tell you the time? Super Clock Wallpaper does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a giant real-time clock on your homescreens. It also shows the date, and the paid version offers a wide range of customisation options, allowing you to change background images, font styles, colours and much more.


SwampWater might sound gross, but it’s actually quite a cool wallpaper because what you see on your screen is a simulation of the kind of micro-biotic life you might find in a water sample from your local pond as seen under a microscope. Weird little organisms saunter, flutter and dart across the display and you can fully customise the background colour to suit your mood. Not only does it look realistic and make you feel like some kind of scientist, but it’s actually also a fairly soothing thing to have ticking over in the background.

Circuit Board

A bit like Mystic Halo, Circuit Board is purely about having a wallpaper which looks really impressive. This one isn’t interactive, but it’s similarly customisable with the paid version allowing you to change colour settings, backgrounds and animation speeds. Again, it’s a bit Tron-like but looks very techy and sci-fi if you want to jazz up your phone a bit.

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