Sony Launch Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact & Xperia Z5 Premium

News 11:07, 13 Nov 2015

Sony has revealed its latest batch of Xperia devices with enhanced cameras and the first 4K mobile display

How To Set Up Nike+ FuelBand For Android

User guides 15:02, 18 Jun 2014

Nike’s FuelBand is now pairable with Android products, here’s how to do it

Google Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick

Vs 14:18, 30 Jul 2014

Two sticks. Two affordable price points. Two very different approaches. But which is the best – Chromecast or the Roku Streaming Stick?

Samsung Has One BIG REGRET: Not Buying Android In 2005

News 12:00, 18 Feb 2014

Samsung’s lack of vision back in 2005 cost it ownership of the Android platform

Humans Will Be Immortal By 2030s, Says Google's Ray Kurzweil

Blogs 11:58, 8 Jun 2015

Search. Android. Immortality? Google’s new engineering director reckons we’ll have the keys to transcend our biology by 2030s

Bye, Bye Moto: Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo

News 16:31, 30 Jan 2014

And… it’s gone

iOS Makes More Ad Money Than Android

News 16:31, 22 Jan 2014

But Android smartphones have begun to overtake the iPhone for the first time

Making Mobile Payments Pay In 2014

Blogs 14:06, 13 Jan 2014

Emerging technology from ARM and Trustonic look to make mobile payments fast, secure and – most importantly – commonplace in 2014

LG brings webOS back from the dead inside Smart TV

News 10:59, 3 Jan 2014

Images of a webOS-powered LG HDTV have been leaked online. And in case you’re counting, this is the third resurrection of the platform

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft plans to END Windows Phone/Windows RT license fee

News 10:43, 13 Dec 2013

This could really shake things up. Microsoft "seriously" considering taking Windows Phone/Windows RT license free


Nexus TV linked with "early-2014" release date

News 12:32, 9 Dec 2013

Google has big plans for your living room… plans very similar to Apple’s Apple TV set-top box

Hapifork: Or, How To Not Get Fat This Xmas

Blogs 16:42, 3 Dec 2013

Hapifork – the world's first "Smart Fork" – reckons it can stop you overeating this Xmas. But is £73 too much for a fork?

Can MeeGo-based Sailfish OS find a home in Android?

News 16:09, 3 Dec 2013

MeeGo-based Sailfish OS looks to Android for foothold in smartphone OS market

mobile shopping

Smartphones will be smarter than you by 2017, claims analyst

News 12:59, 20 Nov 2013

Phones will be able to predict consumers next move and purchase products on their behalf

Amazon Reveals Four New Kindle Devices

News 11:14, 18 Sep 2014

Amazon has revealed a refresh of its entire line of Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers, including the new Kindle Voyage

HeadsUP! gets your smartphone inside your car’s windshield

News 14:54, 18 Nov 2013

HeadsUP! takes to Indiegogo to secure funding for its in-car smartphone technology

Windows Phone 8

Apple sales shrink 2% while Windows Phone & Android grow

News 16:21, 15 Nov 2013

Promising news for Windows Phone and Android in Gartner’s Q3 report

NVIDIA Tegra Note gets official with $200 price tag

News 12:53, 14 Nov 2013

NVIDIA’s Tegra Note eyes tablet space with insanely low price tag and confirmed November 19 release

Google Glass: A Look At 2014's Most Innovative Gadget

News 12:13, 12 Aug 2014

Hey Glass Holes, hey, hey, Glass Holes... it's everything you need to know about Google Glass

The Apocalypse Happened. Now, Here's How You Charge A Phone

Features 12:38, 12 Feb 2014

Five rather unique methods for charging a dead smartphone. Great for when the apocalypse finally happens