Alcatel OT-808 review

Reviews Editor 17:55, 13 Apr 2010

We review the Alcatel OT-808, a bright pink budget device

We’ve said it before, and no doubt we’ll say it again. Pink stinks. Surely even the average 12 year old girl, at whom the Alcatel OT-808 is, we suspect, aimed, would be inclined to agree.

For those in doubt, and wanting a social networking handset with its own little keyboard, Alcatel’s OT-808 offers a quirky choice.

The phone is square and has a flip design. Flips are quite rare these days, square is almost unheard of (though we have seen a couple of examples in the past – Nokia 7600, anybody?).

Anyway, the point is, we suppose, that in format the OT-808 looks like a compact mirror. You could probably get away with preening yourself in the shiny, reflective front fascia too.

There are pros and cons for the 70.6x70.6x20.7mm size. On the plus side there is a bit more width than is usually available for a mini Qwerty keyboard, and that means the keys are larger than usual.

They are fairly well made, considering this is a budget handset, and we tapped out SMS messages at a pretty acceptable speed.

And Alcatel has built a few handy shortcuts into the keyboard for launching apps. Hit the Ctrl key and M for example, to start the music player, Ctrl and B to toggle Bluetooth.

On the minus side, the handset’s odd shape makes it feel a little weird when you hold it to your ear to take and make calls.

Also, there isn’t a lot of screen space. 2.4-inches across diagonal corners and 320x240 pixels is pretty much entry level these days.

While it is sharp and bright enough you shouldn’t expect much by way of multimedia greatness from the screen.

But actually, you’d be a fool to approach this phone expecting that, as it is dual-band GSM with EDGE and GPRS for data but no 3G. You can browse websites, but not with a great deal of pleasure, to be honest despite the fact that Opera Mini is built in.

On the front of the handset is a small OLED display that will deliver alerts to missed calls and texts.

It is a nice touch for a budget handset. Sadly Alcatel has not managed to extend its kindness to the camera. At 2-megapixels this is only really good for very short-life shots.

There is 80MB of built in storage and you can bump that up considerably with a microSD card. Most likely you’ll want to use the storage for tunes, but here there is another let-down.

The headset connector is miniUSB and the provided in-ear buds aren’t of a very high quality. There is a shortcut button on the right side of the casing which you’d think might start the camera but which in fact starts the music player.

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