IDAPT i4 Universal Charger review

Reviews Jennifer Scott 14:45, 25 Oct 2010

We review the IDAPT i4 Universal Charger to see if four chargers is really better than one

Easy to use, good number of charging points, reasonable price
Bulky base unit, easy to lose adapters
The future of charging, this device serves your gadgets needs for a good price. It just needs to reduce in size and come with storage for the adapters.

If you're anything like us, your house is a mess of wires and plugs lying around plug sockets to charge all your various devices. We regularly trip ourselves up, get ourselves tangled and, more often than not, can't find the right charger for the right gadget.

Recently though, a bunch of manufacturers have started releasing clever devices that can charge a multitude in one and the latest to hit the market is from IDAPT.

The base unit for the i4 Universal Charger is pretty bulky and will take up more room on your side than a few wires. However, the shiny black surface and angular design makes it quite pleasant to look at so it won't offend the eyes.

There are three separate docks you can use at one time to charge devices and cleverly IDAPT has not built in chargers but offers six different adapters you simply plug into the base unit.

As well as iPod-iPhone, mini USB and micro USB accessories, there are also chargers for Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia.

We thought this was a good range and we were happy the company hadn't tried to dupe you into paying out extra for the chargers you need. However, the one concern we had with not having them built in was how easy they could be to lose. They are pretty small and the unit doesn't come with a good storage base for them so you would have to trust yourself not to misplace what you needed.

As a final extra though, there is a separate USB port for charging so even if it doesn't fit the bill for every gadget you own, you should be able to charge up this way.

If you have the right ones to hand though, they are very simple to click in to the base unit, as well as your device, and just as easy to pop out again with buttons on each side triggering a release mechanism.

We were a bit nervous that the small adapters were responsible for holding up mobiles or iPods but they seemed secure enough and we never had one fall over on us.

Charging capability was superb and didn't seem to take any longer than your usual charger would.

We do think these things could be the future and the £40 price tag is very reasonable. The only thing we would improve is to reduce the size a bit so it didn't dominate the room whilst charging your luxury items.


Typical Price £40

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