24 theme for Nokia 6233

24 theme for the Nokia 6233

Themes 17:47, 17 Apr 2009

No one has days as bad as Jack Bauer's. Sigh with relief that you're not him and download this 24 theme for the Nokia 6233

Nokia 6233 with beach theme

Great summer themes for the Nokia 6233

Themes 16:57, 27 Jun 2007

Show off your Nokia 6233 by downloading free themes. We've tracked down the best themes for Summer 2008

Sky by Mobile

Set your Sky Plus box using your Nokia 6233

Themes 15:57, 17 Apr 2007

Never miss your favourite TV programme again - Sky's Remote Record lets you set your Sky Plus box from your Nokia 6233

Programme listings in Sky by Mobile

Installing and using Sky by Mobile on the 6233

Themes 15:40, 17 Apr 2007

Sky by Mobile's Remote Record feature lets you set your Sky Plus box from your Nokia 6233. Here's how to set it up

Nokia 6233 on white background with reflection

Manual settings for 02 users

Themes 13:48, 17 Apr 2007

O2 users who are having problems running Sky by Mobile on the Nokia 6233 may need to change their internet settings manually

Games - Mini Golf Castles

Free game downloads for the 6233

Themes 17:18, 23 Mar 2007

You don't have to spend a fiver to play great games on your Nokia 6233. We've picked five free games that'll have you glued to your mobile

Nokia 6233/6280 - The best sites on the mobile web

Top mobile websites for your 6233

Setup 13:12, 16 Mar 2007

Having trouble finding quality sites on the mobile web? Here are 10 mobile websites for you to bookmark and enjoy

Nokia 6233/6280 - Flickr Mobile's main menu

Sharing photos with Flickr Mobile

Setup 12:44, 16 Mar 2007

Send photos straight from your mobile phone to the world's biggest photo-sharing site - no PC required

Nokia 6233/6280 - A photo uploaded to Flickr Mobile

Using Flickr Mobile with the 6233

Setup 12:42, 16 Mar 2007

Flickr's Mobile site lets you upload images straight from your Nokia 6233 and leave comments for others. Here's how it's done

Nokia 6233 - Speed dial icon

Speed dialling on the Nokia 6233

User guides 15:21, 15 Mar 2007

Want friends and family at the touch of a button? It's easy with the Nokia 6233's speed dial

Nokia 6233/6280 - Groups icon

Give each contact a different ringtone on the Nokia 6233

User guides 15:15, 15 Mar 2007

Sort the important calls from the ignorable ones without looking at your phone using the Nokia 6233's Groups

Take great photos with the Nokia 6233

User guides 15:55, 14 Mar 2007

The Nokia 6233 comes equipped with a 2-megapixel camera. Here's how to get the most out of it

Nokia 6233 part profile with reflection

Nokia 6233 technical specifications

Reviews 10:52, 8 Mar 2007

Detailed technical specifications for the Nokia 6233 - a compact 3G mobile phone

Nokia 6233 part profile with reflection

Set your homepage

Setup 12:47, 1 Mar 2007

Your browser needn't always open on the homepage chosen by your service provider. Here's how to choose your own homepage

Nokia 6233/6280 - Mobile web globe icon

Browsing the Web with the 6233

Setup 12:17, 1 Mar 2007

The Web pages you see on your Nokia 6233 are cut-down versions of regular pages - the phone's built-in browser works in just the same way too

6233/6280 - Nokia bookmarks icon

Using bookmarks on the 6233

Setup 12:13, 1 Mar 2007

Found your ideal mobile web site? Save, organise and use bookmarks on your Nokia 6233 just as you would on your PC

6233/6280 - Themes

Use Themes to customise your 6233

User guides 18:21, 28 Feb 2007

You can change the whole personality of your Nokia 6233 by installing colourful themes

6233 - Customise navkey icon

Change the navigation key shortcuts

User guides 18:03, 28 Feb 2007

Network providers set up your phone's navigation keys to give fast access to their own services. But this is easy enough to change...

Nokia 6233 with Bluetooth icon

Using Bluetooth on the 6233

User guides 17:44, 28 Feb 2007

Bluetooth makes sharing and backing up photos, videos, tones and themes easy, fast and free

6233/6280 - Active standby

Disable Active standby on the 6233

User guides 17:24, 28 Feb 2007

Active standby gives instant access to your favourite functions, but can clutter up your beautifully themed desktop. Here's how to remove it